Saddleworth Clarion Cycling Club

The Beard Cup


The Beard Cup, hosted by Manchester CTC on the Moor Cock in Diggle acts as the clubs hill climb competition.

The cup is awarded to the club with the three best aggregate times.

For the last 14 years this has been Blackburn CTC.  Separate prizes are available for fastest lady and fastest tourer (to qualify your bike must have mud-guards, saddlebag & lights)

Enter by sending a completed CTC events form to Ian Ross

26 Brook Road, Lymm, Cheshire WA13 9AH or via email to

and pay your £1 on the day.

2010 Results

1st Peter Shaw 6.01.6

2nd Richard Tayles 6.13.2

3rd Neil Warner 6.31.9

4th Mike Gradwell 6.39.5

5th Tim Mitchell 7.26.7

2011 Results

 1st Peter Shaw 5.27.4 

2nd Richard Tayles 5.29.4

3rd Simon Cullen 5.53.4

4th Mike Gradwell 6.19.0

5th Tim Mitchell 6.56.1

6th Mike Wigley 8.03.2

7th Adele Tayles 8.19.1

2012 Results

1st Ben Gillespie 5.33.8

2nd  Si Cullen 5.51.2

3rd Neil Warner 6.00.4

4th Ness Whitfield 6.19.1

5th Gary Freeman 6.21.4

6th Mike Gradwell 6.23.1

7th Steve Butterworth 6.34.6

8th Si Taylor 7.14.5

9th Tim Mitchell 7.23.5

10th Chris Moreman 8.44.3

11th David Melvin 9.29.8


2015 Results

1st Keiran Manchester 4.56.2

2nd Simon Cullen 5.35.05

3rd Matthew Cheetham 5.39.06

4th Neil Warner 5.49.00

5th Steve Butterworth 6.08.09

6th Paul Manchester 6.35.09

7th Thomas Anchor 7.19.02

8th Tom San 7.39.03

9th Louise Harrott 8.04.06

10th Kath Kirton 8.18.01

11th Mike Wigley 12.50.03 - Brompton